Sunday, 6 February 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

This week we will be talking about the different ways we can use the Internet.  In this session we will be discussing, not only the ways the Internet can be helpful, but also some of the disadvantages as well.

Here are the links to some of the resources we will be using

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping
Internet Chat Danger

Proofreading skills

We will be recapping some of the skills you need to proofread your work.  You may find it useful to look at these BBC Skillswise factsheets.

Proofreading factsheet
Five common mistakes to look for when proofreading
More proofreading worksheets

Activities to help with spelling
Excellent Interactive Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Game

Activity - At the end of today's session write down one advantage and one disadvantage of using the Internet and post these in the Comments section below.


  1. 1 the advantage of the internet
    is it makes the whole world to a small one with its advanced website
    2 the disadvantage of the internet
    is chatrooms might not be safe for children. Because they do not know who they are talking to
    these people total strangers who might take advantage of them.

  2. Hello Naseem.

    Yes, the Internet does seem to make the world a smaller place. We don't have to leave our homes to shop and we can use email to easily contact friends and family all over the world.

    As the Internet Chat Danger article made clear, there are some dangers associated with using the Internet also. The main problem is that, unless you use a web camera, people cannot see each other face-to-face. The young girl thought she was speaking to a young boy her own age, not a middle-aged man. Some of the advice in the article also applies to adults using the Internet - never give out too much personal information and always meet up in a public place after letting someone know you are meeting up with a stranger.

  3. Posted by Pollobi

    The internet can be a advantage when you do get the things you need done but is that the actual fact .
    You see , when people buy things on the internet the shop is meant to deliver to their door ,to deliver they need a car , fuel and where do you think it comes from .
    Yes there are same shops that say “ if you buy fifty pound worth of something then home delivery is free” but if you think about it you’ll know that’s not quite true.
    Some of the items in the shop are more expensive then other shops .
    The sales people need to make profits and they do this by rising money on the products and then bring on the sales , making the customers think their getting the better hand but fact is thet sales people are getting the better hand not the customers .
    The sale people are always thinking of ways to make money , the internet is just one of them .
    So next time you think of shopping online think about what is worth doing , walking to the shops with your children so they can be taught on how to be patient or do it online where you’ll never know if your child has learnt how to cross the road ,look for things that may be a danger to them and to be patient . Everything we do everyday is to teach the youngsters.

  4. Hi Pollobi

    You make some really interesting points here, especially the affect of people using the Internet instead of their local shops. As a mother of a young child you appeciate how the experience of visiting local shops helps children develop a whole range of social skills. The other point is, of course, that online shopping may cause smaller local shops to close down and this can have a negative affect on other people in the community. Elderly people, for example, also may like to visit local shops just to have the opportunity to get out and talk to other people.

  5. The advantage of using internet is you can easily access information dawnload any software.

    The disadvantage of using internet is if you provide your personal information such as name and address can be accessed by other people. The main disadvantage of using internet is your credit card information can be stolen.


  6. One of the advantages of internet shopping is that it makes the whole wolrd just smaller. It makes shopping easier and a stress free experience. It can be delivered to your door, can be cheaper and you can have more choices.

    The disadvantages of online shopping is that you can be easily scammed. The supermarkets can substitue the items not in stock and you need to have a credit card. Again, you are buying something you cannot see or touch.


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